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In this free Excel tutorial, learn how to create formulas and charts, use functions, format cells, and do more with your spreadsheets.

Excel Basics

1 Getting Started with Excel

Learn your way around the Excel environment.

2 Understanding OneDrive

Learn all about working with your Microsoft account and OneDrive.

3 Creating and Opening Workbooks

Learn how to create and open Excel workbooks.

4 Saving and Sharing Workbooks

Learn how to save and share Excel workbooks.

Working with Cells and Sheets

5 Cell Basics

Learn how to insert and delete cells and cell content, drag and drop cells, use the fill handle, and use the cut, copy, and paste functions.

6 Modifying Columns, Rows, and Cells

Learn how to modify rows, columns, and cells in Excel.

7 Formatting Cells

Learn all about formatting text in Excel.

8 Understanding Number Formats

Learn all about formatting numbers in Excel.

9 Working with Multiple Worksheets

Learn how to add, delete, copy, and move worksheets, as well as group and ungroup worksheets.

10 Using Find & Replace

Learn how to use Excel’s Find and Replace features to search for specific data.

11 Checking Spelling

Learn how to use Excel’s spell check feature.

12 Page Layout and Printing

Learn how to use Excel commands that let you control the way your content will appear on a printed page.

Formulas and Functions

13 Intro to Formulas

Learn how to use cell references to create a simple formula in Excel.

14 Creating More Complex Formulas

Learn how to create a complex formula in Excel.

15 Relative and Absolute Cell References

Learn all about absolute and relative cell references and how they’re used in Excel.

16 Functions

Learn the different parts of a function and how to create arguments to calculate values and cell references. Working with Data

17 Basic Tips for Working with Data

Learn these basic tips for working with data to help you organize it and find what you need.

18 Freezing Panes and View Options

Learn how to freeze panes and split your worksheet so you’re only seeing certain parts of your worksheet.

19 Sorting Data

Learn how to sort data to better view and organize the contents of your spreadsheet.

20 Filtering Data

Learn how to filter the data in your worksheet to display only the information you need.

21 Groups and Subtotals

Learn how to organize data in groups, summarize different groups using the Subtotal command, and create an outline for your worksheet.

22 Tables

Learn how to use styles to format tables in Excel.

23 Charts

Learn how to insert and modify Excel charts to visualize comparisons in your data.

24 Conditional FormattingSimple HTML HomePage